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Bikepacking is Not Only About Racing.

Casual Bikepacking

One misconception about bikepacking due in part to the fact that a lot people find our cycling niche through articles, documentaries and press featuring the “Tour Divide Mountain Bike Race”. Is that it’s all about huge distances and blazing speed. Don’t get me wrong racing has done a lot to further our sport. And I to participate in a few multi day race invents a year, like the “CFITT”. However there are a lot of people that love to casually camp as well as casually ride and perfect is the marriage of the two. Casual Bikepacking is purely about enjoying the moment and environment at a pace thats set by the riders mood. That means distance goals on casual bikepacking trips are optional.

Racing can be rewarding on a personal achievement level for sure. But the best memories I’v gained in the time spent doing these rides, are the many casual miles spent with friends or alone in self introspect. Often when racing I pass many places that I would love to stop and explore and that is the biggest advantage of casual bikepacking. If you find yourself in such a place you have the freedom to be flexible. Another advantage to not being in a hurry is you can ride with more comforts than you ever would in a race. Things such as: camp stoves, extra food, coffee, camp shoes, pillows, extra layers, sleeping bags that actually keep you warm, beer, wine… The list is only limited by your space on the bike and your tolerance for peddling a heavy mule.

I found a video that kinda sums up what the casual bikepacking experience is like. And being a hammock man myself I thought it a great share. Take notice of the many comforts that the rider enjoyed on his trip. Including taking the time to stop to film some wildlife.

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