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Hammock Camping in the Rain

Don’t you get soaked when hommock camping in the rain?

I get asked a lot, “do you get soaked when sleeping in a hammock during bad weather, under only a small tarp?” And I always say “no”, but… I usually plan my trips well and have never been in inclement weather long enough to say, I would stay dry for multiple days of rain.

“It’s time for a test!

So, I was watching the weather and saw, that we were headed into three days of rain, “perfect”. That evening, I arrived at the house at about the same time as the precipitation. I threw on some rain gear and headed out to the testing grounds (backyard). First I put up my tarp a (Hennessy: Scout Rainfly 70D Polyester Non-Asym), followed by the (Grand Trunk: Nano-7). Now one thing I always do when setting up a hammock for rain is to leave a bit of cord dangling just before the Carabiner to act as a drip line (water runs down the suspension to the drip line).

I decided to leave a blanket in the hammock overnight as a crash test dummy. After my morning coffee, I went out to check on our friend “Mr. Blanket”, he was dry and well. Throughout the day I would check back and even shot a little video for you fine folks. After subjecting the blanket to another night of hammock camping in the rain. I can now say with all certainty “no… I do not get soaked hammock camping in the rain”.

The gear used:

The hammock used was a Grand Trunk N7 Nano-7 Ultralight Hammock. The Nano is the lightest and most packable hammock on the market. But don’t let the poultry weight fool you it will hold up to 300 pounds.

The tarp used was a Hennessy Scout Rainfly 70D Polyester Non-Asym. Though you can go lighter by a small amount with a sil-nylon or lighter still with Cuban fiber. That will cost you at least 3x the amount that this little work horse costs.

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