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Micro Adventure On Your Way to Work

Work is No Excuse Not to Micro Adventure

The rider in this video is showing off the beauty of a bikepacking micro adventure. If more people went to work after having a relaxing nights rest by a mountain lake side the work place would be filled with happier workers. One of the wonderful things about bikes is… They are fun and transportation all in one. All it takes is a little creativity and planing to fit a bikepacking micro adventure into a relatively small block of time. The benefit is, the more you get used to injecting your bike into non standard time the more comfortable you become with “life on the bike” and bike touring is life on a bike. The logistics of loading the gear you need for the night along with the gear you need for work and time management are all great exercises for bike touring.

Time is Not Infinite

I often hear the statement “when I get some time I’m going to…”. The flaw in that thinking is that free time is a set number of hours or days and anything less is a waste. However In the lifestyle of bicycle touring every minute is an opportunity for adventure. If you can make it work over night then touring is just an extension of that experience.

“But If Im touring I don’t have to be on a schedule so why practice on one?”

“But If Im touring I don’t have to be on a schedule┬áso why practice on one?” That may be true but sometimes circumstances beyond our control create schedules for us i.e. you used up the last of your food while stuck fixing a mechanical issue on the trail. Now you need to get into town before your resupply options close. So you forgo a side trip to take a picture of a famous moose statue to get there “on time”. These kind of things are not easy to train for but if you fit more ride time into the norm It will be second nature when it happens on a tour.

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