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The Wonder of The Sub 24hr Shakedown

What is a Sub 24hr?

To put it simply it’s an over night bikepacking trip that fits nicely in to the average persons time budget. A lot of people think of huge epic trips when they thing about bikepacking. Trust me I’m one of them. I day dream of being out for a week / month at a time in some remote mountain paradise. But truth be told family, work and fiscal restraints make it so I don’t get to take those kind of trips nearly as often as I would like to. The sub 24hr works out most often for many as a micro adventure that still captures the essence of an epic trip.

The Benefits of Shakedown

The sub 24hr can be used for more than a quick getaway. I use the short trips to test gear and refine my kit in a controlled environment (aka the shakedown). I take a note pad with me and make notes of the things that need refinement and the gear I could have left behind. I break in the new and retire the old on these trips so that my time on bigger trips can be spent just taking in the experience wile my gear takes a more transparent role. When you get to the point that you don’t make many changes to your kit you may want to try a sub 24hr in a different location that is less familiar. When you do all of your shakedown rides in the same location you tend to tailor your kit to that environment and that could leave you in a bind on a larger multi day trip. Thats were route research comes in but thats a subject for a later post. Sometimes I actually leave things behind that I would not want to be without when out on the trail. Why you ask? As a simulation to see how I would adapt in a situation were something got lost or broken on the trail.

The Lone Wolf

The biggest thing the sub 24hr has helped me with is becoming comfortable in the outdoors alone on my own. The experience of self reliance is invaluable to a seasoned bikepacker or any outdoors enthusiast for that matter. And the more time you spend out there the more you become a master of the bush.

Its Fun!

And its just plain fun enough said.
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